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High-Fat Diet Could Slow the Aging of the Brain

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That conclusion is promising:

When we age, our brain also ages and with it, we lose some of our intellectual capacity and the risk for diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s increase. Our brains have the ability to repair the damages done to its DNA, but as we age, this repair process is also slowed, much as the rest of the brain functions.

The damage to DNA has been linked to a premature aging disorder, called the Cockayne syndrome, where the patients die by the age of 12. This new study uses the model of a mouse with Cockayne syndrome to investigate the flaws in the system’s DNA repair.


A high-fat diet could slow the aging of the brain, but how? The scientists explained that ketones and sugar are the sources of energy our brain constantly require. When our blood sugar is low, ketones are produced by breaking down the fat in our system.

The researchers found that the mice that had Cockayne syndrome benefited from eating a high-fat diet. They were fed coconut oil, which is rich is medium-chain fatty acids.

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