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Meet the Mysterious Creator of Rumor-Debunking Site

Meet the Mysterious Creator of Rumor Debunking Site Snopes com


When and why did you start the site?

David Mikkelson: It started about 20 years ago. I worked for a large computer company back in the days when only universities, the Department of Defense, and computer companies were on the Internet. I was a participant in an old Usenet newsgroup that had to do with urban legends. But in newsgroups, things would scroll off and disappear after a few weeks. So when the first graphical browser came out, I started writing up things for the web.

Since I was an early adopter, it quickly became the place where everybody sent every questionable thing they saw on the Internet. It took a left turn from what I was intending it to be. It became more of a reference and fact-checking site than just an urban-legends site.

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Thank goodness exists.

I always check it when someone tells me something preposterous. 

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