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Best Airlines To Fly Coach Domestically

Best Airlines To Fly Coach Domestically The Points Guy

A quick rundown and ranking of the economy seats you’ll likely be flying domestically these days including which are roomy, which are cramped, and what other amenities will affect your coach flying experience.

The Quick Rankings

Here they are – and no surprise, the airlines that concentrate most on their economy offerings and less on their business or first class cabins have come out on top, while some of the legacies could learn a thing or two about connectivity and entertainment options and little perks.

1. JetBlue: Among the most spacious seats, a variety of free snacks and drinks, and free high-speed WiFi.

2. Southwest: Decent seats, no hidden fees, ability to change/cancel reservations without penalty, free checked bags.

3. Virgin America: Innovative entertainment system and meal/beverage service.

4. Delta: New Studio streaming entertainment system and fleetwide WiFi.

5. Air Canada: Free entertainment, need we say more?

6. American: Upping their game with huge new aircraft orders.

7. Alaska: This is the little airline that could, with decent seats, WiFi and meal options.

8. Hawaiian: Their offerings are limited, but they make those Hawaii flights comfortable with larger-than-usual seats.

9. United: Time to get a handle on entertainment and WiFi, United!

10. US Airways: No in-flight entertainment. What’s the deal with that? Still, WiFi is widely available.


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Thanks for posting this. No surprise that JetBlue, Southwest, and Virgin are the top 3.

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