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"Work-life balance" is like the flossing of life skills.

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This one is my favorite of the 15 tips.

1. Get specific about your goals and keep them visible.

Julie got into the business after realizing how chaotic her own life was. "It was chaos. I always lost things, and I lived out of piles — it was just a mess." But, when her daughter was born, she realized, "'I can do this to myself, but I can’t do it to another human being.'" That's the crux of her No. 1 tip: Always keep your goal in mind.

"There is never organizing for organization’s sake. You organize to achieve a higher goal. Maybe you want to be a better worker, or be a better friend." You figure out the larger payoff, then design a system that helps you achieve it.

Write down what you want to achieve and keep it somewhere visible, so you'll always be reminded of what you're really working toward. It can be a phrase or a symbol or a Post-It on your computer. Doesn't matter what the goal is, as long as it matters to you.

Or, as a picture:

get specific about your goals and keep them visible meme imgur

By the way, this one is strangely money-focused:

14. Prioritize your work in terms of the company’s revenue line. 

Obviously, you are a beautiful and unique snowflake. We know that, and we're sure your boss does, too. But, you're also an investment.

"The company is spending money on that role and therefore it has some connection to the revenue line. I don’t care where you are in an organization," says Julie, "one way or another, you are generating revenue or saving the company money."

So, if you're trying to show yourself as an asset, remind yourself of that on a regular basis. That's the lens through which you should prioritize. When making your to-do list, setting up a meeting, or working on a project, always keep in mind the job you're there to do and why you're the one they chose to do it. High-five yourself, then get on it.

Or, as a picture:

prioritize your work in terms of the company's revenue line

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