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Fred Wilson And The Death Of Venture Capital - Forbes

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I don't understand what he's complaining about. Competition?

If U.S. families devote just 1% of their assets to investing in startups via crowdfunding, that would unleash a torrent of $300 billion annually.

It's still ridiculously hard for 99.9% of startups to raise money.

It's a buyer's market.

Or is he just complaining that there aren't enough good ideas?

Competition, maybe. Or maybe positioning his firm as one of the few that deserve to deploy that capital. :)

Likely the latter. Fred's not shy about that.

Guess he's a good capitalist.

I like that photo of him.

This is a good thing:

VC’s may want to develop new methods of choosing companies–and rethink the herd mentality that dominates the industry.  ”Maybe we’re not good at picking companies,” he admits. “Maybe we’re funding the 50th or 100th local-social-mobile startup when we should be funding cancer research.”

Yes. Fund MORE interesting things, not fewer.

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