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Fight Ebola with Google - Google, we don't need your steenkin money, we need your big data scientists!

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Why would they waste their time on small bang for the bucks when they have the most valuable thing that could help right now within their own walls: their data scientists and data. 

This sounds like a PR image thing with some modest amount of societal benefit, but nowhere near attacking the real problem with what their core capabilities are (sure they have money, but that's just a side effect fo what they are good at).  

Why not donate $10M in free computing for large scale virus or drug modeling (like folding@home)?  $10M in Data scientist time for outbreak, spread and countermeasture modeling and data mining?  $10M in crowdfunding for medical devices that can detect or test the virus sooner than anything else out there?  $10M in laboratory tests in experimental drug development?  $10M in security for the doctors that go over there to help treat the sick and manage the outbreaks.  Whatever is left over, they can give to the Gates Foundation's sanitation and hygiene initiatives that would probably save more lives from various diseases including Ebola than anything else.

Good questions for which a Google has no answers.

There's an urgent need by MSF and others for cash NOW to staff more treatment centers NOW. Drug modeling, etc. is a much longer term thing.

What about basic doctor safety?  Basic hygiene measures?  Those are both pretty immediate.

Greg, I thought they have protocols for doctor safety and basic hygiene measures.

Sure, they have a protocol to not get hacked up by machetes.  I think the Gates foundation hygiene is not for the doctors, but public sanitation and education.

Also, as we found out, the protocols for nurses handling ebola patients is in serious need of revamping including number of nurses to patient ratio, inspection of suits by third party before the nurse enters and exits, etc.

Well hopefully SOMEBODY is working on that!

Hey look! Google is spending yet more money in ways that Greg hasn't approved of yet!

I approve!

"Nobel Prize in Computing"? Really?

So Google is essentially buying favor with every Turing Award winner?

Wow, Google pwns us all.

"Keep in mind that evidence found via social media is but a symptom of symptoms. The greatest value in these sources is not in their validity but in their timeliness."

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