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Pure Heroine (Extended) by Lorde

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Full album on YouTube:

Also did you know Royals has 370 million YouTube views?

Adam, I think Lorde's Royals is so popular because of it's "I don't give a fuck attitude about not coming from money"  Lorde sings, "...That kind of luxe just ain't for us. We crave a different kind of buzz.."

She's promoting counter culture, one that's not caught up in the "love affair" of pop culture in the song. Yet, truth is, most people, are very much caught up in the things of this world. Otherwise, why is "reality t.v" and all things pertaining to "celebrities and celebrity life style" so popular and such huge money makers? 

True that. Also, she was very popular in a South Park episode this season.

Not sure what South Park is, assuming t.v.... I'll Google it. 

Yes, it's a cartoon on Comedy Central. In the cartoon, Lorde is actually a middle aged man:

This is like junk food for your brain! I think I just damaged mine watching it!!! ;) 

That means it's working. :)

I really like the show. They made a South Park movie too, way back in 1999.

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