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Lifelong Republican unleashes massive reality-check on 2014 midterms

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This guy is the kind of Republican I grew up with: pro-business (and not just monopoly business), pro-science, pro-reality. He is willing to see our era of rapid change as an OPPORTUNITY for new money to be made and new problems to be solved. Unfortunately, he sees his side of the aisle in a demographic death spiral. This guy is a Texan and a self-proclaimed GOP Lifer... but he pulls no punches on the damage to his party's brand that is being done by unchecked racism, sexism, crony capitalism, science denialism, religious bigotry, and general revanchist bullshit.

It's an uneasy coalition the Republicans have put together to make a majority, tis true.

Republicans all have one thing in common in that they want to reduce taxes by any means.

I'm hearing rumblings of GOP controlled states switching from winner-take-all to per-district for electoral college.

I'm not sure I agree with any of his conclusions.  They are a little disconnected from reality.  declining electoral bloc of aging, white, rural voters?  What year was that written?  Certainly not 2010, 2012, nor 2014.   Even if you see the world as he does through racism and bigotry, his assumptions don't hold water.  I'm all with Mia Love on this:

“This is historic but it’s not because of the color of my skin. It’s historic because Utah has decided to elect a person based on their principles.” -- Mia Love, Utah, first black female Republican in congress. 

South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott’s Senate victory makes him the first black lawmaker elected to both chambers of Congress.  Joni Ernst, first female combat veteran and first female senator from Iowa; Tom Cotton youngest senator, Shelley Moore Capito, first woman elected to senate in West Virginia, Elise Stefanik youngest female member of congress, Boyd Rutherford, Maryland's black Lt. Governor.  That doesn't sound like aging, white, rural voters to me.

the GOP still has a demographic problem tho..  last week's repudiation of Obama isn't going to change the fact that the growing political power of urban areas are starting to slip past the rural and if demo trends continue, even our rural-oriented Constitution won't be able to provide a check.

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