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Is the Sharing Economy Making So Much Money it Defeats the Purpose?

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Should We Stop Calling it the ‘Sharing Economy’?

Some take issue with the term. Companies are making money by enabling others to ‘share’ what they have, but they’re making money, and in most cases, so are the ‘sharers,’ leading many to question the term itself.


"Executive Director Michael O’Heaney on if he thought it was kosher for companies to make money when they are focused on sharing, a concept usually not involving money. He says:

I think it’s less a question of whether it’s ok to make money than a question of who benefits. As Janelle Orsi of the Sustainable Economies Law Center says, we should be heading in the direction of tools and platforms that benefit communities, not just shareholders. Let’s promote innovative sharing models that benefit users, workers, communities and the environment."

Uber is a money making machine:

It's not about sharing. It's about making money. 

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