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Never Lock Your Car Again: An Argument

Never Lock Your Car Again An Argument Cafe


We took some precautions with our car at first, once we decided to leave it unlocked. We'd take our E-Z Pass off the velcro mount and bring it into the house, along with the GPS. We'd do our best to clean our generally messy vehicle and make it look barren, like there was nothing inside worth taking. Sometimes I'd leave one of the kids' library books or toys on the back seat, or right up by the back windshield, and hope The Crooks would think, "Aww, a child. On to the next car, fellas."

Then, when nothing happened, we stopped worrying, little by little. We forgot the E-Z Pass and the GPS in the house a few times and decided to start leaving them in the car. We'd let our iPhone charger cables snake across the floor instead of jamming them into the packed glovebox. A few times, we've accidentally left our wallets or phones or house keys in the compartments in the sides of the doors. (I did this last week, for like three days.) Still: nothing happened.

So we started leaving the key in the car. As long as we've had this vehicle, we've had one key. It's the digital chip kind, and it's expensive to make a copy. My wife and I both use the car too much to be passing the key off all the time. You can only fight with your spouse about so many $45 parking tickets that would've been avoided if you or she had just left the key in the little thingy by the door as planned.

And even with the key in the car—not in the ignition, but not so hidden that it's a pain to dig out every time—nothing has happened. And at this point, I don't think anything is going to happen. This has gone on too long to be a hot streak. We feel lucky, but it's not the main emotion. If luck was mainly what we felt, we'd be actively planning to get the doors fixed and/or to get a second key. The biggest lessons have been You Aren't as Special as You Think, and People Are Better Than You Think.

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That's just silly. I had to file a police report just last week because some homeless guy decided to toss my car because I accidentally left it unlocked once in a blue moon in my own driveway.

Toss your car? As in tried to sleep in it??

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