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Serious Bitcoin fan gets digital 'wallets' implanted in his hands

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Creepy...reminds me of this:

I wonder how happy he'd be knowing those BTCs are cryptographically tied to all sorts of bad things?

What sorts of bad things? Minority Report type things?

There's a large amount of BTC that can be cryptographically tied to murder, child porn, ransomware, extortion,malware and every other crime under the sun.   Would you use a bitcoin that was tied to any of those things?  I wouldn't.   The bitcoin people argue that it's just like cash, but it's not. 

There should be a registry of clean and non-clean bitcoins.  Until a16z funds that type of traceability, the whole BTC market is just, in the words of the Napster judge, a criminal enterprise.

At this point are all bitcoins tainted or is there a supply of clean ones?

I think there's about 50-60% that's clean, but the number is dwindling every month.

Yeah, there may need to be a completely new clean currency.

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