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A timelapse of the Sun rotation in 4K

Source: YouTube Video

The surface of the sun from October 14th to 30th, 2014, showing sunspot AR 2192, the largest sunspot of the last two solar cycles (22 years). During this time sunspot AR 2191 produced six X-class and four M-class solar flares. The animation shows the sun in the ultraviolet 304 ångström wavelength, and plays at a rate of 52.5 minutes per second. It is composed of more than 17,000 images, 72 GB of data produced by the solar dynamics observatory.  The animation has been rotated 180 degrees so that south is up. The audio is the "heartbeat" of the sun, processed from SOHO HMI data.

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I find the heartbeat of the sun to be very soothing.

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Sun Solar Flares gif in 4k gfycat:

Note that this gif is 129M so click the link to gfycat if you want to see it!

Thank you odorous for making this gif:

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