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5 Ways The Amazon Echo Could Become An Essential Part Of Your Life

5 Ways The Amazon Echo Could Become An Essential Part Of Your Life Co Design business design


THE ULTIMATE DISPATCHERNothing is going right. You overslept. You're rushing through the house, looking for your shoes and your keys. You're sure you're going to be late. As you cram your shoe onto your foot while simultaneously scrounging under the sofa for your keys, you call out: "Alexa, what's the best way for me to get to work on time?" A second later, Alexa calmly responds: "There's a bus in five minutes that you can catch if you rush, or I can call you an Uber that will get you to work five minutes early for roughly $18." Finding a $20 inexplicably deposited in your insole, you decided to save yourself some stress. "Alexa, order me an Uber," you say.


"Alexa, where's my wife?" you call out as you enter your house one evening. "She's in the bedroom, napping," Echo tells you, so you decide to go into your office and get some work done. "Alexa, can you tell her where I am when she wakes up?" An hour later, your yawning wife intercoms you in your office: "Hi, baby, good day? How do you feel about joining me in here for about 10 minutes?" The day's certainly starting to shape up.


It's been a bad day. It's pouring outside. You're stressed out at work. You are worried your boyfriend might dump you. But when you come home from work, you don't tell Echo any of this, even after Echo asks, "How was your day, today?" Instead, you mutter something to Echo about your day being fine and needing a cup of coffee. Yet somehow, Echo knows you could need some cheering up: a few minutes later, Echo says it's built a playlist of your favorite songs—starting with the Weather Sisters—which might help brighten your mood. And what do you know? It does.


"Alexa, can you preheat the oven to 450 degrees?" you ask, measuring out the ingredients for your killer chocolate chip, peanut butter, and bacon cookies. "No problem," Alexa answers. As the oven heats up, though, you start sweating. "Alexa, will you please notch down the heat a couple of degrees while the oven is on?" you ask. "Of course." After the cookies are done baking, you pull them out of the oven, and tell Alexa to turn off the oven. Remembering what you told her earlier, she also raises the thermostat temperature a couple of degrees while she's at it.


Your wife wants to spend some quality time together, so turn your phone and laptop off, and settle down to watch a movie. Before you start, you say, "Alexa, keep an eye on the Internet for me, and alert me in case of emergencies," After the movie is over, you ask Alexa: "Did I miss anything important?" Alexa tells you that since you've been away, you got an email from your mother, which doesn't seem to be very important; that the Red Sox beat the Mariners 6-3; and that you have three replies on Twitter, one of which seems to be angry. You and your wife decide to watch another movie. Halfway through, Alexa interrupts you, pausing the movie automatically: "I'm sorry to interrupt, but you have an email from your boss. It appears urgent.

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Good perspective. 

I like this version of the Echo commercial too:

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