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The strange symbiosis of humans and jellyfish

Jellyfish are stepping up their ocean invasionsâand humans are helping them â Quartz

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I found the description of jellyfish reproduction fascinating.

Also, the explanation of what climate change is doing to jellyfish populations.

Though this latest research is building a strong case that man-made disturbances to the ocean are amplifying blooms, the lack of historical data on jellyfish means these links still aren’t certain. In fact, other leading scientists argue the recent spate of jellyfish explosions worldwide merely follow a 20-year cycle. Confusing things further, says UBC’s Brotz, is that various factors—notably overfishing and pollution, as well as coastal development and climate change—play out differently in different places around the globe. Still, whether they’re infesting Chesapeake Bay or Tasmania, jellyfish enjoy two advantages: their talent for cloning, and the way humans are helping these clone colonies thrive.

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