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Bitcoin Entrepreneur Injects Bitcoin 'Wallets' into Hands

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Sounds like a SciFi movie plot:

The chips, enclosed in a 2mm by 12mm capsule of "biocompatible" glass, were injected by a professional using a special syringe.

They emit a tiny radio signal using Near Field Communication (NFC) and can store up to 888 bits of information each.

"We wanted to do this experiment to push further the concept of the virtual wallet," Martijn Wismeijer, co-founder of MrBitcoin which installs bitcoin cash distributors, told AFP.

Using NFC, the chips can communicate with devices such as Android smartphones or tablets.

"What's stored on the microchips should be seen as a savings account," rather than a current account, Wismeijer said.

1500 people have had chips implanted in themselves but this is the first Bitcoin chip.

Not only that: they are selling a $99 kit, with a syringe, so you can inject yourself!  Its the 23andme of cybernetics.

I'm fairly certain the market of people who want to do this is small.

Since many bitcoins have been used for criminal activity, it seems like a dangerous thing to do:

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