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Walking Dead season 5 episode 6 s5e6 "Consumed" gifs and memes

cartoon rick grimes art meme comic walking dead season 5 imgur

Thank you whatthewhiskers for making this art:

Note: Rick Grimes was not actually in s5e6, I just liked this art.

Think of s5e6 as the "Daryl and Carol" episode.

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Best Reddit comments:

Fire as a literary device is simultaneously destruction and rebirth, this whole season has kinda been about who the group is, what they do. They are discovering themselves. When Carol and Daryl were having their Tete a Tete she was talking about ash and what not, Daryl lighting his cigarette, the multiple zombie distractions, the opening scene with the gaurdtower burning, and the abuse center zombies.. All this fire stuff could be foreshadowing, maybe the hospital is gonna burn, maybe the church will, or maybe its all a symbol for the phoenix, rebirth from fire and such...


  • Into Carol seeing smoke and heads to the prison only to find a guard tower in flames and prison in shambles
  • Carol lighting a birthday candle to see at night
  • Daryl burning the bodies of the little girl and woman zombies
  • Daryl burning a perfectly good yellow legal pad to distract zombies (because zombies love fire)
  • Carol burning Karen and David's bodies at the prison
  • Carol burying Lizzie and Mika's bodies in The Grove and looking at smoke coming from somewhere
  • Carol leaving Terminus and looking at smoke coming from Terminus
  • Daryl starting a dumpster fire to distract zombies
  • Daryl crashing through a locked chain link fence Noah and Daryl drive out of the city the camera behind the dumpster that is now completely in flames.
  • Daryl having a smoke after rekting Noah.

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