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Obamacare FAQ: Everything you need to know about why conservatives want to repeal the ACA

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Good FAQ written by a conservative about why Republicans hate Obamacare -- and how they differ among themselves. Personally I'd be pretty glad to trade "death panels" that I can understand for ever having to talk to an insurance company representative in my life ever again... but I thought this was a fair and intelligent statement of a question that I have genuinely had a lot recently.

Does it really come down to Republicans wanting to let states do whatever they want instead of having a national standard?

There is nothing wrong in principle with establishing marketplaces where people can buy insurance. There are conservative plans that feature marketplaces too! Yet the Obamacare exchanges do much more than just provide a place where people can compare different plans. They shift responsibility for regulating the individual insurance market from state governments to the federal government, even in the case of the partner exchanges established by states in accordance with federal rules. The Obamacare exchanges aren’t best understood as simple marketplaces, where the main role of regulators is to ensure transparency. Rather, they serve as central planning boards that establish coverage mandates and review rates. You might think that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it definitely limits opportunities to offer new types of coverage and new models for care delivery.

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