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Ted Cruz Doubles Down On Misunderstanding The Internet and Net Neutrality, As Republican Engineers Call Him Out For Ignorance

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"I hate to say it but Obama is right on this one."

Wow. Never thought I'd live to hear that phrase uttered.

Ted Cruz is choosing hardcore libertarian stand -- "we do not meddle with industries" -- rather than admit that a neutral Internet is better for all.

I'll happily trade Net Neutrality for a ban on local franchise monopolies.  Filter all you want, just so long as I'm not restricted from choosing an equivalent competitive service.

Yeah but you know they'll never pass a ban on local franchise monopolies. 

Regulated industries are a disaster.  Anything that locks an industry into pricing and business models according to conventional wisdom at that point in time, never turns out well.  I think the breakup and deregulation of the baby bells was one of the greatest periods of innovation in the history of the world that lead to the commercialization of the Internet.   I'm also of the opinion that the Internet Tax Freedom Act was the single most important legislation of the last two decades.  

The bottom line is, our industry changes so fast, regulations do not, and the government isn't on the leading edge of innovation.   I'm glad those conservatives have a political opinion about net neutrality and some nutty theories about why people believe what they believe according to industry payoffs (a clearly not-so-conservative view of the world), but I'm not a net neutrality fanboy.

Yep, let's leave it to private corporations. They move faster.

AT&T still have audacity of selling 768kb internet connectivity and calling it "high speed".

ATT high speed internet

Yeah, fifteen years ago called and they want their high speed back.

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