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Why women VCs shouldn’t give a damn about the Silicon Valley stereotype | VentureBeat

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Jenn Wei, I applaud your courage for writing that.

Many of us are trying to improve the attitudes of Silicon Valley:

So how do we solve this problem? By having more female tech entrepreneurs and VCs in the public eye who are unafraid to break down stereotypes (for instance, stylish, highly competent leaders like Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer). Ultimately, more young women need to see that programmers and VCs don’t always have to be a “he”. In 2011, only 17 percent of computer science grads were women, and only 5 women appeared in the Midas List, Forbes’ annual list of the top 100 venture capitalists.

When I look at Blumberg Capital’s portfolio companies, I feel very lucky to be able to look up to some amazing female entrepreneurs, including Philippa Pauen at Wummelkiste, and Joanna Riley at One Page Company. But, we need more women in technology who are willing to break the mold. Silicon Valley has got to produce a female Mark Zuckerberg or Vinod Khosla, so girls will aspire to be in tech from a very young age.

PandaWhale has a woman CTO who leads our development.

The PandaWhale community includes at least a dozen women building their startups.

I see the reluctance of Silicon Valley to fund women founders, and I want that to change.

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