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Rollin’ Safari, Animated Shorts of Bloated & Round Wild Animals

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Somewhere between Kung Fu Panda and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Β :)

I like the fat zebras more than the fat vultures. Because zebras!

Also, the bouncing fat cheetah is hilarious.

I like the crocodile paddling in panic! Β And the gazelle and cheetah rolling through the savanna like tumbleweeds!

Yes, those are adorable too. The look on the croc's face!


Yes, futility. But in a funny way. :)

Rollin Christmas!

Ha! No Rudolph?

Cute! I wonder if they made one with pandas?

I wonder if Pandas were the inspiration for these Β :)

panda cub rolling down hill gif Imgur Tumblr LOL animals Panda cub they see me rollin Do a barrel roll

Could be -- that roly poly panda is adorable!

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