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Rollin’ Safari, Animated Shorts of Bloated & Round Wild Animals

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Somewhere between Kung Fu Panda and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  :)

I like the fat zebras more than the fat vultures. Because zebras!

Also, the bouncing fat cheetah is hilarious.

I like the crocodile paddling in panic!  And the gazelle and cheetah rolling through the savanna like tumbleweeds!

Yes, those are adorable too. The look on the croc's face!


Yes, futility. But in a funny way. :)

Rollin Christmas!

Ha! No Rudolph?

Cute! I wonder if they made one with pandas?

I wonder if Pandas were the inspiration for these  :)

panda cub rolling down hill gif Imgur Tumblr LOL animals Panda cub they see me rollin Do a barrel roll

Could be -- that roly poly panda is adorable!

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