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28 days living only through Virtual Reality

Seeing I 28 days living only through Virtual Reality by Seeing I Kickstarter


For 24 hours a day for 28 days, artist Mark Farid will wear a Virtual Reality Headset through which he will experience life through another person’s eyes and ears - this person will be referred to as ‘the Other’. Mark has had no previous relationship with this person; he is only aware that the Other is a heterosexual male, who is in a relationship. The Other is required to wear a pair of glasses that covertly capture audio and video. This footage will then be watched back by Mark, who will inhabiting a space consisting of only a bed, a toilet and shower area. This area, as well as Mark will be on constant display to the audience.

However, once the Other goes to sleep, the audience will be asked to leave for one hour, so that Mark can be administered the care of a psychologist with special training in neuroscience, through the headphones. Mark will be wearing the V.R. Headset throughout, and this will act more as verbal diary, but will also allow the psychologist to access his mental health.

During the 28 days, Mark will have no actual interact with any human; no one will react to him, he will not be touched; he will be a silent spectator - he will, however, be under constant inspection. Mark will eat what the Other eats, drink what the Other drinks, shower when the Other showers and go to the toilet when the Other goes to the toiler, at the same moment. Otherwise, Mark is left to experience the life of the Other by himself, but will Mark embrace this life as if its his own?   

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Virtual eating, drinking, showering, and toileting? That's going too far, man.

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