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Golden Retriever wants to race but has its priorities straight

You can safely skip to 40 seconds in.

Golden retriever hilarity in the second half of the video:

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Who let the Putin lookalike (1:07) officiate this contest?  I sure hope Pussy Riot was out front protesting.

Ha, I didn't even notice that guy because I was too busy laughing at that dog eating all the food!

Ha ha ha ha HA!

"Did you guys manage to eat everything before time ran out? I think I had a great score."

"Did you hear her? Applauding like that. I should be thanking her for all this... Is that chocolate cake?"

"They had a victory feast waiting for me as soon as I started!"

i love the title!!  (food is definitely a high priority for golden retrievers...)

and he was so HAPPY the whole time!

Happy because he's eating or eating because he's happy?

I love that it's a high priority for him!

I lalso love him thinking this is a victory feast.

Reminded me of this:

Pablo Sandoval cake fail gif Imgur Kung fu panda running tripping falling Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants Takes A Spill

Eyes in front instead of on the cake!

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