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The Man Who Planted a Forest Bigger Than Central Park

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"Forest Man" is the Johnny Appleseed of India?

Not exactly...

Payeng planted and tended trees for over 30 years until they accumulated into the Molai Forest. Imagine if Ryan Gosling's character in The Notebook cared about the environment instead of Rachel McAdams and devoted years of his life to preventing the erosion of his home island instead of sweating over that stupid farmhouse. He's like the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In The World" except instead of being a dilettante lad rag fantasy advertisement, he's just a real guy who planted a banaynay amount of trees to protect his family and the environment.

Payeng planted so many trees that Bengal tigers saw them and were like "Ok, we'll live here now." Elephants, deer, vultures and rhinoceroses all fuck with his forest. And Payeng wasn't casually strewing seeds around like Johnny Appleseed. He made sure to plant a diverse roster of trees, and there are over a thousand species, including 300 hectares of bamboo.

I didn't realize Johnny Appleseed was so random.

That part about the Bengal tigers is cool.

Payeng sounds like he had a plan. 300 hectares of bamboo warms a panda's heart.

India panda

I can't stop looking at this adorable panda!  Is it smelling the bamboo?!

Yes! Sniffing the bouquet...

geege, you find the best stuff!

what a beautiful video, story, and man.

and now i have to add banaynay to my vocabulary!!!

Thanks!  I do love this story too.

What's a banaynay?

hahaha!  the sample sentence for #2 is ridiculous.

Yes, that shhh is bananas.

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