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"Just Being Who We Are Is Extremely Risky": An Honest Discussion On Race In Silicon Valley | Fast Company

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" I'm just not impressed with how impressed we are with ourselves in the Valley, how impressed we are with our processes and attitude."

Silicon Valley is not doing a good job of equality. There is a lot of room for improvement. 

Last question: What would you like to see happen in tech in 20 years? How would you like the tech community to look, in terms of diversity?

T. Gauda: I'd like it to be more of this. More people that look like this. I mean, you've got a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, a schoolteacher, an engineer, a business development individual, and a customer success director. In tech in Silicon Valley, traditionally, if you looked 10 years ago, we didn't even exist. I mean, we are some of the first.

Maqubela: Right. And I want black people to be massively, undeniably successful, so that nobody can say anything. Because they are just killing it. There is no better argument than success. On some level, that means I should get back to work. On another level, it means I should help Tony whenever I can, help Erin whenever I can, invest in the Tristans every time there is an opportunity, because success is the conversation ender.

Erwin: And tying in on that, let's see black entrepreneurs not only start companies but lead them to where they are a household name. Having those profiles of leadership would be very important for the next 20 to 50 years.

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