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Manny Ramirez and Demaryius Thomas no gif

Demaryius Thomas NO gif Imgur Manny Ramirez Denver Broncos McManus field goal miss Dolphins Nov 23 2014

Demaryius Thomas gfycat:

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Being an NFL kicker is hard as evidenced by the Denver Broncos reaction gif above:

Sometimes, the whole game's on your shoulders, and if you screw up, you're pretty much guaranteed to be the smallest person on a team of very large people who are very, very angry at you.

That's why you've got to feel for Broncos kicker Brandon McManus, who missed a 33-yard field goal as the Broncos trailed the Miami Dolphins 21-17 in the third quarter.

Check out this GIF of Broncos guard Manny Ramirez and Demaryius Thomas reacting to the play. Yeah. That's pretty much what you'd expect.

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