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Ferguson Documents: How The Grand Jury Reached A Decision : NPR

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As they've detailed in another post, it's really complicated.

Some witnesses say Wilson started shooting after he got out of the car, some say he started shooting inside the car. Some say Brown was very clearly surrendering, others say it didn't look like he had been hit at all.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain all of this is to take a close look at Witness 14.

Without a doubt, Witness 14 is sympathetic to Brown, whom he had run into in the past.

"[Brown] was to me, and I'm going to say it, he was executed,"the witness said. "[Wilson] had made up his mind he was going to kill him."

That was the witness' conclusion — that as Brown was shot, he was surrendering, he had his hands up.

That's what the witness told local authorities. But when the feds interviewed Witness 14 and drilled down on the details, his assumptions became less clear.

Were Brown's hands a sign of surrender? Or was he checking his injuries? Were his palms facing the officer or facing Brown?

The witness eventually says: "He was defenseless, hands up, he was trying to stay on his feet and you could see that his knees was beginning to buckle and he was going down."

But the investigator eventually gets to a very important point. He leads the witness to say that Brown was moving toward Officer Wilson, who was screaming, "Stop," as he fired his weapon:

Witness 14: Moving Toward Officer Wilson (pg 15)

Last Updated at 12:30 p.m. ET. Wilson Testimony:

Wilson's testimony to the grand jury presents the image of an officer who was scared for his life during the confrontation with the larger man who he says was physically assaulting him. One excerpt:

Wilson on punch (pg 216)

I don't think they used witness evidence as much as the forensic evidence.

Yeah, all the witness evidence seems questionable for one reason or another. 

More food for thought:

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