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My Own Personal Learning Map | Shared Learning Collaborative Developer Community

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The set up goes something like this:  Each student has her own learning path: the skills she has and hasn’t mastered, how she learns best, which teaching strategies work, and which steps to take next. Teachers get to know each of their students over time through assessment results, behavior in class, and the progress through the curriculum they are teaching. But what about the student’s performance last year and the year before that, or their progress in other classes? How can any teacher keep track of the individual learning paths of 90 students?

One thing that would help is a visual representation of the progress of one student, a group of students, or an entire class. Not just current standing, but achievement over time and a glimpse into how they may perform based on the concepts they are learning today. Here at the SLC we refer to that visual tool as a “Learning Map.”

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