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The Smartphone Fallacy

What I Learned From Building An App For Low Income Americans Co Labs code community


The Smartphone FallacyOne of the most common misconceptions we heard was that "poor people don't have smartphones." In fact, a higher proportion of low-income Americans rely on their smartphone for Internet access than the population as a whole. A 2013 Pew research survey showed that 45% of users living in households with an annual income of less than $30,000 mostly use their phone to go online, compared with 27% of those living in households with an annual income of $75,000 or more.

Significance Labs recently conducted a survey on smartphone usage among 1,900 New Yorkers living in households making less than $50,000 a year. A preview of the results showed that 87% of the respondents who owned a phone had a smartphone, usually an Android. One quarter of respondents had two phones, often one with a basic text and call plan and a smartphone which they used when they had access to Wi-Fi. Respondents had on average of between six and seven apps which they used regularly and one-third had paid for an app.

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Basically a smartphone is a computer than anyone can have.

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