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I Went to 15 Hours of ‘Interstellar’ Last Weekend and Lived to Tell About It

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good movie. good article.

And bingo was his name-o:

What worried me is that each time I watched might make it easier to poke holes. That worry fell away after I saw it the fourth time, that next afternoon. It’s difficult to yank down the bricks of what the Nolans have built because there’s really no brick any more ridiculous than the last. During Round 4, I started jotting down every point I could that related to time, or dimensions, or love being the key. This is a movie that involves a tesseract being constructed by future humans that only one person can access because of the love he has for the little girl chosen to save humanity. You’re either OK with that, or you’re not. Seeing it once or five times isn’t going to change that. I guess it was good enough for me.