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I quit: Miseries of an Uber driver

I quit Miseries of an Uber driver Salon com


I didn’t want to do this job full-time.  Hourly rate is what mattered to me.  Uber kept me very busy, but the software malfunctioned at least 50 percent of the time, leading to cancellations when I let the rider know the real ETA. Uber has lots of hidden charges and fees.  However, since I was driving during “surge” hours, with back-to-back riders, my hourly rate should reflect the best hourly rate one can earn, driving for Uber. Bottom line: After subtracting all their charges and fees — plus Uber’s 20 percent — driving for Uber during surge pricing, with a constant flow of riders, pays less than $10 per hour.  Then you must deduct insurance, fuel, maintenance and taxes.  At least for me, driving for Uber is not worth it. 

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Less than $10 an hour! I think you can make more than that working at In N Out...

And that's during surge pricing, when the amount people make is supposed to be higher. 

Interesting how Uber ratchets up its take from drivers then, removing the incentive.

Btw the software failed half the time? How hard is it to get this right?

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