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32 Hilarious 'Walking Dead' Memes From Season 5

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Including a few favorites...

Michonne lightsaber gif Imgur Tumblr

Abraham hits Eugene wasted gif Imgur Tumblr

Eugene mullet why the hair that's classified gif Imgur Tumblr

Rick Grimes Carol meme you totally redeem yourself walking dead season 5 Imgur

Walking Dead meme all aboard the hype train Imgur

Rick Grimes Abraham meme whats your favorite color Washington DC Imgur

Tyreese Hulk meme Walking Dead season 5 Imgur

Rick Grimes stuff things meme what's in the bag terminus Jareth Imgur

Rick Grimes thanksgiving memes stuffing things walking dead imgur

Carol Joker nurse hospital Heath ledger walking dead imgur

Abraham map meme sorry I was an asshole come to Washington the worlds gonna need a new ricktatorship Imgur

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