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15 Futuristic Gifts for the Super-Early Adopter

Jaunt VR 15 Futuristic Gifts for the Super Early Adopter WIRED


Jaunt VR Camera 

Why not bring your own movies to the VR revolution? The Jaunt VR is built for capturing footage to view on an Oculus Rift. It packs 28 cameras—20 around its perimeter, four on the top, and four on the bottom—capturing 3.5 gigapixels per second. A four-capsule microphone rig captures a sphere of sound. You have to "know somebody" to get one (pricing and availability aren't final) but it does exist. Work that Rolodex.

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Wow, it looks like a spaceship. Sweeter than the prototype. 

I like that you have to know somebody to get one.

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