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It's More Important to Be Kind than Clever - Bill Taylor - Harvard Business Review

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"What is it about business that makes it so hard to be kind?" I asked at the time. "And what kind of businesspeople have we become when small acts of kindness feel so rare?"

That's what's really striking about the Panera Bread story — not that Suzanne Fortier went out of her way to do something nice for a sick grandmother, but that her simple gesture attracted such global attention and acclaim.

Kindness may be the best virtue.

Many businesses struggle for survival.

I do wonder why the businesses that are doing great so rarely give back.

Giving back is good business.

Greed. Shareholder lawsuits.

B Corporation has a lot of promise, but it's so new that it's hard to tell if it's one of those idealistic things that will fail to bring any real change.

We'll see.


you sound so cynical

Not cynical, skeptical.

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