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First, Fire Thyself | TechCrunch

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1. As the founding CEO, you’re one of the very, very few people who can hold the whole business in your head. You understand all aspects of the company. You know its founding. You know what the original insights were that led you to start this business in the first place. You have memory of your early mistakes. You know the history of all the product decisions you’ve made. You likely have an intuitive sense of customers, what it takes to entice and sell them, and what messages they respond to.

In short, you know the whole business like no one else does (your co-founders might be able to as well, but they’re likely going deeper into their skill positions). That’s what makes you unique and irreplaceable. That’s your highest value-add.

2 Given that you’re one of the only ones who can hold the whole business in your head, you need time to THINK. You need time to be able to consider where your business is heading. You need time to read. You need time to talk to customers. You need time to respond to a new, interesting opportunity that no one else has time for.

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