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‘Superbugs’ Kill India’s Babies and Pose an Overseas Threat -

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A deadly epidemic that could have global implications is quietly sweeping India, and among its many victims are tens of thousands of newborns dying because once-miraculous cures no longer work.

These infants are born with bacterial infections that are resistant to most knownantibiotics, and more than 58,000 died last year as a result, a recent study found. While that is still a fraction* of the nearly 800,000newborns who die annually in India, Indian pediatricians say that the rising toll of resistant infections could soon swamp efforts to improve India’s abysmal infant death rate. Nearly a third of the world’s newborn deaths occur in India.

*7% is a high fraction!

7% is large but 800,000 newborns dying annually is jaw dropping, too.

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