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The GlassLab: A New GBL Initiative | Edutopia

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The GlassLab will in fact be creating educational games for the classroom. These games, often called "serious games," balance the learning of content with engaging gameplay. MJ told me that these games will be field-tested for a long time, and we most likely would not be seeing anything from them for a while.

Games can provide a lot of data, and the GlassLab hopes to refine and create these games with careful intention. As MJ put it, "We view teachers as the audience for our work in the same way as we view the students -- if the game isn't useful to the teacher, then our work isn't done."

It's exciting to see that teachers will be part of the process in developing these learning tools. GlassLab games will be created through collaboration by teachers, experts and game designers from Electronic Arts.

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