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The shocking truth about the influence of colors

Influence Of Colors infographic Imgur Forbes

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The Blue Light Special For Law Enforcement: In Japan, blue lights were installed at theUchihara Train Station to thwart would-be jumpers. Shockingly enough, studies have shown that suicidal incidents were reduced by 50% in these areas thanks to the calming effects of the lights. In Scotland, one town decided to improve the ambiance in a popular shopping district by switching the lighting to blue. Much to their surprise, crime went down considerably and it’s attributed to the universal correlation between blue and police – influencing potential thieves to the notion that they’re surely being watched. Much to the chagrin of the metaphor “feeling blue” – a calming stimulus was also attributed to the reduction in crime.

Blue lights are calming? I thought PINK lights were calming.

We look better in pink light, which is calming to me.

Hmmm, pink isn't on the influential color chart above.

The psychology of color in logo design:

I like that grey is calm, neutral balance.

And orange is friendly, cheerful confidence.

And blue is dependable trust.

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