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Serial: The Syed family on their pain and the ‘five million detectives trying to work out if Adnan is a psychopath’

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Their son was convicted on shaky evidence of the murder of his ex-girlfriend... and now, for better or worse, the case has become the topic of a super famous podcast beloved by hipsters.

I was not surprised to see social media featured in this story:

Yusuf shows me something he found online that’s made him especially happy. It’s a message the judge in the second trial posted on her Facebook wall in response to a Serial fan telling her she was now famous. “I listened to the podcast,” the judge wrote, “and saw how this very intelligent young man manipulated the writer. The evidence was overwhelming. I can see how 16 years later he has regret that he wasted his life by planning and carrying out the murder of his girlfriend. Very sad indeed.”

Yusuf is delighted. He interprets this as the judge being rattled and on the back foot.

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