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Jessica Alba's Tears on Her Way to Building a $1 Billion Business

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I don't see a lot of tears. She seems quite happy, actually.

That part is referring to the time period before she found her consultant/partner, when no one took her seriously.  But I kept hearing she was Hollywood's leading actress-entrepreneur/earner, and now I know why (i'm late).

Except for 50 Cent (vitamin water) and Dr Dre (beats), no celebrity has used their celebrity as effectively as Jessica Alba. 

Not sure about that ^^ and am trying to think of others in the same range.  What would be the metrics for this shortlist anyway?Not surprisingly, she has gotten much less coverage about her endeavors*, which is pretty humble and honest anyway, putting attention on the product (though her story is a classic example of brand origin).  She and they will be just fine.  * men getting more press over women also mirrored in food industry:  

I was thinking using their celebrity to create a billion dollar company. I can only think of those 3.

50 didn't do shit

He was their first celebrity endorser...

...which netted him $5 million plus 5%. 

When Coca Cola bought Vitamin Water for $4 billion, he walked away with $200 million.

well.. i guess you're talking about celebrity influence.  I was referring to the 'creation' of product (in this way Alba is distinct from 50, and perhaps also Dre, bc Monster/HTC developed the product).  though your point is he 'created' value, which he did (and certainly Dre). we're all aware of the 200MM net.  

did he 'create' the 1B business?  it was already there.  certainly he helped inflate valuation.

reminds me of David Choe x Facebook. instead of taking a cash payment for his art, he took equity, which earned him bigtime @ IPO

ugh. 5% = 2x10^8 USD...  whatever, we're peons 

You got it.

Dr Dre didn't create product, too.

He was set to put his name on sneakers when Jimmy Iovine intervened and convinced him to do headphones instead:

Celebrities create value by getting people to try the product.

In that sense, Jessica Alba did something very similar.

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