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Portraits of the Pacific Crest Trail

justin pacfic crest trail meme Imgur

Trail Name: JustinMile: 1,606.5Tuttle: Justin, 20, and his brother Luke, 22, hiked together to the halfway mark of the trail, and then agreed to split up to experience the trail individually. We were on Sawyers Bar Road where it crosses the PCT, about a 10-mile hitchhike to Etna, known for its cold beer. Justin caught a ride with a trail angel—a volunteer who helps PCT hikers—named Lionheart, who had just brought his brother back to the trail from town. Luke and Justin bid each other safe travels. From the passenger seat of Lionheart’s truck, Justin yelled out, “Hey, Luke, can I borrow your ID for town?”


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"a trail angel named Lionheart" <----- THIS!

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