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Can Fear Be Erased?

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And if you don't have researcher supplied oxytocin, petting your dog has been shown to naturally increase your oxytocin levels -- along with increasing your dog's oxytocin levels too!

Enough oxytocin to alleviate PTS?

The hormone was oxytocin, often called our “love hormone” due to its crucial role in mother-child relationships, social bonding, and intimacy (levels soar during sex). But it also seems to have a significant antianxiety effect. Give oxytocin to people with certain anxiety disorders, and activity in the amygdala—the primary fear center in human and other mammalian brains, two almond-shaped bits of brain tissue sitting deep beneath our temples—falls.

One of our hospitals has a service (trained) dog that works in the cancer ward. When people come in for hours of chemotherapy treatment they can have the dog up on their bed with them to help decrease their anxiety.

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