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How political correctness can lead to better business ideas

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Is political correctness a bug... or a feature? A new study shows that in a management context, it can very quickly and easily lead mixed-gender teams to generate better ideas. The researchers believe that just a quick reminder about expectations before interactions help both men and women trust their group members more quickly and therefore come up with more creative ideas.

Bonus points for using the word bro-y:

When men aren’t thinking about being politically correct, they can sometimes be too, for lack of a better word, bro-y (or afraid of coming off as such). “And the flip side of men being jerks is that women worry that they’re going to be a target of that behavior,” Goncalo says. In the politically correct groups of this experiment, meanwhile, “women knew they were interacting in a group where that was not going to be acceptable.”

Telling people to be politically correct, in other words, was just a way to stop them from being sexist. And it was only then that truly innovative ideas could flourish.