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Surrounded By Digital Distractions, We Can't Even Stop To Think : All Tech Considered : NPR

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It would be tough to think up a more plum assignment for a test subject: Simply step into an empty room, sit down, and think.

Just think.

Stripped of their books, cellphones and other distractions, many, including a majority of men, preferred to instead pass the time by reaching for the sole form of electronic entertainment in the room: a 9-volt battery administering a "severe static shock" when touched.

"It's probably an issue of how we can control our minds and thoughts," says Timothy Wilson, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and a co-author of the study, which attempts to measure the enjoyment found in allowing our minds to simply wander.

"No one had looked at mind wandering as an end in and of itself," Wilson says.

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I'll just read this later

yes, just sit still... get off your cpu and into your see pee you

I mean, is it worth reading this article or do we already know what it's saying without reading it?

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