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#IStandWithJackie and the feminist response to the unraveling of Rolling Stone's UVA rape story.

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At this point, it is clear that Rolling Stone failed to meet its basic journalistic requirements many times over. There is also compelling evidence that Jackie herself fabricated all or parts of her story. Neither of these scenarios serves to dismantle the anti-rape movement.

What a sad and unfortunate series of events. :(

You cannot believe or disbelieve any of this episode. 

As I stated in previous post about how I lived this story in college, this recanting and pushback is included.  In the days after "our friend" a popular little sister of the frat claimed she was raped, her friends, all but one (who everyone then turned on)  turned on her.  There was a huge party at a bar where her friends sang horrible songs replacing words to mock her rape.  Like "pikes to the left pikes to the right and your the only girl in the house" (doubt jimmy buffet would approve. 

I have contemplated these events for a long time including a break in my psyche about a year after this. 

The problem here is that your. "Friends" are raping your friends.  It is akin to incest.   You cannot wrap your head around the cognitive distortion and you cannot really get away.  I tried to transfer but the cost was prohibitive, just like it is hard to leave a family.  

I say you cannot believe because no one can tell the whole truth

So... What can we do other than admit this is crazy, messy, bad?

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