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The crazy life and crazier death of of Tycho Brahe, history's strangest astronomer

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Sounds like something out of Game of Thrones:

So if Brahe was murdered, who was behind the poisoning? There are two awesomely lurid popular theories. The first is that King Christian IV of Denmark ordered his assassination. Brahe had been the personal astrologer of Christian's father, King Frederik II, but he might have meant even more to Christian's mother. Danish scholars believe Brahe had had an affair with the queen, and contemporary rumors of this inspired another tale of infidelity and intrigue at a Danish court - William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Whatever the exact reason, Brahe lost his popularity when Christian took the throne, and had to flee the country before he drew the ire of the new, 19-year-old king. It might still have been too late. Danish historian Peter Andersen recently found the diary of Tycho's cousin Count Eric Brahe, a diplomat working for the King of Denmark. Although the Count does not confess to the murder, he does record several meetings with Christian's brother Hans, who is thought to have ordered the murder of Tycho Brahe on the king's behalf. Eric Brahe was visiting Prague when Tycho is believed to have been poisoned.

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