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So you've been nutmegged

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The ultimate soccer humiliation: when it happens to you, how do you retaliate? The author suggests sudden violence, or at least super passive-aggressiveness.

"There's little chance for redemption."

The nutmeg, also known as "caño" in Hispanic America, "panna" in many European and African countries and, hilariously, "25 kopiyok" in Ukraine (meaning you owe the other player 25 cents), is defined as "a technique used in association football, field hockey or basketball, in which a player rolls or throws the ball through an opponent's legs. This can be done in order to pass to another player, to shoot on goal, or to carry on and retrieve it." Yet everyone knows a nutmeg is a slap in the face with a glove. It's you congratulating your best friend on finally finding a date, only to have him show up at your door to take your sister to prom. It's being fired on your day off. It's rude and downright disrespectful.

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