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So What the Hell Has Been Going On With Shia LaBeouf Lately? - Grantland

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Wait. Hold up. OK, yes � everything up above is cartoonishly, cringe-inducingly over-the-top. Go ahead, doubt the technique. But let's maybe give him the benefit of the doubt on the motivation. Early on in his life, LaBeouf was handed a lot of commercial success. And it freaked him out. For a minute there, he reacted like maybe 99 percent of us would in the same situation � he drank, he screwed around, he got in dumb bar fights. And then he settled down, and decided he wanted to try to make good movies. Now he's really, really, really committed to making that happen. And what's not admirable about that?

Why a sex movie, Shia? "Because [von Trier] scares me. And I'm only going to work now when I'm terrified. "Now," as he tells it, now he's cast off the shackles of the studio system, and huffed out into the darkness � with only his conscience, like a flickering oil lamp, to guide him � in pursuit of TRUE ART.

Grantland foresaw the Shia meltdown. Whoa.