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The best video games of 2014

The best video games of 2014 The Verge


2014 was an absolutely amazing year for new video games.

Nintendo released two of its best games ever with the new Super Smash Bros. andMario Kart for Wii U, while mobile gaming continued to push forward with the likes of Threes and Monument Valley. 2014 saw the start of exciting new franchises like DestinySunset Overdrive, and Titanfall, while familiar faces including Dragon AgeFar Cry, and Call of Duty all made strong cases for the power of the sequel. This year even proved that licensed video games can be amazing thanks to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Alien: Isolation.

Picking just one, definitive game of the year is an impossible task: after all, how do you compare something minimal and refined like Threes to a sprawling epic like Dragon Age? Instead, The Verge staff picked our own personal favorites.

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