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Giants Have Several Talented Catchers in Minor Leagues

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Who will Tim Lincecum and crew be pitching to this year?

The Mercury News points out that Buster Posey's surgically repaired left ankle likely will necessitate a move to a less physically demanding position.

Luckily, we have a lot of developing talent:

Whether that move happens later this season or years down the line, the position should be in good hands. Three of the organization's top 10 prospects are catchers: Tommy Joseph, Andrew Susac and Hector Sanchez.

"This is the best young catching talent that I've ever seen at a major league camp," Bochy said. "I've been told we had some really good young catchers coming up, and you can see them now. You can see why our minor league people are very excited about our catching.

They're keeping general manager Brian Sabean, [Baseball VP Ops] Evans and the rest of the decision makers on their toes, too. The time might come where the logjam leads to a trade.

The Giants might be forced to spread the talent across the diamond. Joseph and Sanchez both have played some first base in the minors, and Susac has the athleticism to play several positions.

For an organization that's sorely lacked high-upside position players for much of the last two decades, having so many impact catchers is a great problem to have.

"You don't take this depth for granted," Evans said. "Having depth at catcher isn't like having depth at other positions because health can affect this position more than any other."

Amen to that. Let's see how Buster Posey serves at 1B...

Good for a potential trade too. If the Giants can get another bat into their lineup, I'd possibly trade away some of these prospects..

Agreed. It's great to have up-and-coming talent that gives the Giants great trade potential.

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