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John Boehner and the Tea Party Congress : The New Yorker

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Back in Washington, Boehner reported what he’d seen to his Republican colleagues. While many Democrats and the mainstream media mocked the Tea Party, Boehner pressed his members to get out in front of the movement or, at least, get out of its way. “I urge you to get in touch with these efforts and connect with them,” he told a closed-door meeting of the Republican Conference. “The people participating in these protests will be the soldiers for our cause a year from now.”

In the article (December 2010), Boehner said: "When it comes to the issues of cutting spending, creating jobs, dealing with Obamacare, reforming Congress—this unites all of our members, including all eighty-five brand-new ones..."

85 new members?!

No wonder they didn't understand the consequence of debt ceiling stalemate.

No wonder they tried 31 times to overturn Obamacare, even though they failed every time.

No wonder that Paul Ryan was able to emerge as a leader. Compared with the other 85, he's an elder.

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